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Who We Are...

Sertel Electronics is an equipment manufacturing company based in UK (Birmingham) and India(Chennai) . We are technology-oriented company who focus on R&D and High tech Industrial Applications. We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of highly precise time stamping technologies, solutions for industrial instrumentations.

Started in 1977 by a team of Professional Electronic / Electrical Engineers to service Electronics Equipments on Commercial and Industrial devices.. We also have the distinct honour of being the first Indian company to manufacture GPS based Time management systems. We have grown as a unit ever since then to become the market leaders in India.

We tailor our solutions for industry verticals such as power sectors, chemical industries, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Defence, civilian networks etc. We support customers with solutions in different parts of the world to monitor, generate, distribute and apply time. Sertel strictly caters products to customer’s industry requirements.

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