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SERTEL Signal Isolators also called Instrumentation Isolators or field instruments are used to galvanically or optically separate the Input circuits from the output circuits. Moreover if power-supply is separately provided, in some models, the power circuits also have no electrical connection to either the Input circuits or the Output circuits.

 Isolators are important bridges between the Transducers, such as Thermocouples, RTDS or other instruments and data collecting and control equipment like SCADA, DCS, Computers etc.,

 By using Isolators, harmful disturbances and hazardous high voltages are prevented from entering into SCADA, DCS, Computer Systems.

Errors due to common mode voltages and ground loops are eliminated. SERTEL Isolators are specifically designed and meticulously manufactured for long term and reliable operation.

These Isolators are repairable by design even after their service life. Our Isolators can be recycled by sending them back to the factory for a new lease of accurate and reliable performance.

SERTEL Signal Isolator is a green product. We endeavor to ensure that discarded Isolators do not increase the Electronic pollution of this planet.


  • DIN rail mounting and also panel mounting.
  • All ports (Input, Output, Power) are isolated to withstand 2500V AC RMS at 50-60 Hz.
  • Resolution: 0.05% of span.
  • Accuracy 0.1% of span.
  • Temperature co-efficient 0.025% of span per degree Celsius.
  • Zero and span adjustment.
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