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Networks of computers are omnipresent. Synchronization of these computers is highly recommended at all enterprises. This integrates various diversified systems to work in unison.

Internetworking has become the backbone for communication and transportation of data and has paved way for advancement in the future.

The latest time protocol deployed in these networks is the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) & Network Time Protocol (NTP). A less complex implementation of this is the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP).

SERTEL manufactures GPS based Time Synchronizing PTP Grand Master & NTP Server which generates precise time stamp signals that synchronizes network of computer devices over an entire network of LANs and WANs.

Our PTP Grand Master & NTP Server obtains the UTC data from the GPS satellite system and corrects the local time in each connecting computer. PTP provides highly accurate performance depending on the network paths.

Equipped with high precision and stable OCXO, T-GPS-300-SXX is capable of performing during temporary signal loss thus showing its accuracy and reliability.



T-GPS-300-SXX performs Stratum-1 operation by receiving the time signal from the GPS satellites.

The Receiver unit generates time base pulses of 1PPS as that in the UTC or the atomic clock in the GPS satellite from the data received. This is imbibed into the networking protocol PTP(GM) & NTP that are available at the output ports.

PTP(GM) & NTP Time Sync Server is connected with Redundant Power Supply and the system runs with high precision OCXO for frequency maintaining micro second level.

The front panel shows the Time / Date with provision for manual setup through simple user-interface keys. The RS232 outputs are also available from the output ports. The status of input mode: GPS, Master Clock, is too indicated.

GPS Time Sync Server also provides time and date in SERTEL format through serial communication port of RS232.

PTP & NTP Server performs with highcapacity ensuring integration into existing and future networks.



  • Dedicated PTP(GM) & NTP ports supporting IEDs. 
  • Performance at nanosecond level. 
  • 2x16 characters LC display to show the Time, Date, Latitude, Longitude and Time Zone. 
  • Equipped with high precision and stable OCXO/TCXO crystal. 
  • Accuracy of less than 100 nano second with OCXO. 
  • Supports PTP and PRP as per the IEEE 1588 Power Profile IEEE/IEC61850-9-3, C37.118 & IEC 62439-3 PRP Profile. 
  • Supports NTPv4/v3/v2, SNTP, and NTP Unicast/Broadcast/Multicast. 
  • Supports HTTP/SSL/HTTPS, SHS, SCP, IPv4, IPv6 network security protocols. 
  • Supports network devices such as Routers, switches, Checkpoint firewalls. 
  • All types of Operating Systems are supported. 
  • Packed in 3U of compact size (customizable) with redundant Power Supply unit. 
  • Universal Power supply: 90 to 230V AC/DC 
  • Necessary proprietary software is provided. 
  • Friendly user interface with plug- andplay feature. 
  • Low cost maintenance with durable performance.
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