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Sertel Alarm Annunciator is a persistent surveillance system used to watch and sense devices of many types and functions. Our Annunciator T-AA-300 can be configured to provide the best solution any size and complex alarm scheme.

With field proven multi-redundant ASIC design this annunciator is highly reliable and programmable for all applications and industries.

Wide range of window sizes, colours, bulbs that could be accustomed as required. Each individual alarm is fully programmable from the front end using the integral programming module. This allows the user to select many different features giving thousands of possible combinations.

Numerous relay outputs are included as standard output to connect to external equipment and individual repeat relays or communications can be supplied as an optional output.

The programming flexibility creates option for the users to easily configure hundreds of option including alarm sequence, time delays, relay operation, first-up grouping, functionality, communications and so on.
Multiple back lit windows are provided, each engraved with the name of the process alarm.


The annunciation unit is built with panel mountable and wall mountable types which can be supplied as per requirement. In front side, removable Legend display Facias are installed in A4 size standard sheets. In the rear side, the input connections and power supply connections are provided.
Input card and the mother board cards are completely isolated. Input cards have connection to the input field contacts, power supply unit and external push button connections. All inputs are completely isolated from the mother board. This input card can serve from 8 to 1000 channels by cascading them.
Card extensions are provided for easy increase in channels by creating a daisy-chain network of Input, Output, Repeat Relay cards. The alarm contact relays and hooter contacts are present in the input card.
Each channel can be configured for the following:

  • Trip / Non-trip Alarm
  • N.O. / N.C. Input configurations

The whole unit has self-diagnostic features, power failure management and other redundancy features. Power failure indications are provided in the front side of the annunciator.


  • Modular construction from 1 to 256 alarm channels.
  • Optically isolated input points.
  • Accurate operation and compact operation.
  • Multi-redundant design leading to no single point of failure.
  • Wide range window sizes, colours.
  • Low cost RS485 duplex communications option.
  • Robust to meet Industrial, Utility Standard.
  • Front panel configuration access provided.
  • Variable mounting options.
  • Modern aesthetic design
  • Remote data monitoring and Report generation capability.
  • Flexible configurations on input and output side.
  • Serial ports, TCP/IP outputs available (customizable)
  • Internal power supply 48V DC or 125/250V DC/AC.
  • Low cost maintenance with durable performance.
Default Blue Green