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GPS Time Sync System T-GPS-300



Time synchronization creates a platform for an entire system comprising wide range of applications to operate in synchronous with time.

The demand for improving the effectiveness of any system in place is met with time synchronization system deployed in the field. Troubleshooting is simplified by the application of time synchronization in the event of fault analysis.

Sertel manufactures GPS based Time Synchronization System which generates precise time stamp signals that synchronizes various network of electrical, computer, communications devices such as DCS, PLCs, LANs, Computer Buses, RTUs etc.

Equipped with high precision and high stability OCXO, T-GPS-300is capable of performing with greater accuracy and tenacity during temporary signal loss.

The time stamps in the signal could be transmitted over long distances maintaining synchronization in the whole network.


The signal from the satellite is collected by T-GPA-014-S15, an active antenna, and transmits the signal to T-GPS-300 GPS Receiver.

Time base pulses as that in the UTC or the atomic clock in the GPS satellites are generated.

Master Clock is provided for continuous functioning of the system.

Pulses can be generated for every second, minute, 1⁄2minute, hour, day etc which are configurable.

LC display upfront shows the Julian Day, date, time and geographical location. These can be viewed with the help of keypadupfront.

Status LED indication can also be seen displaying the operating conditions of the receiver.

Highly precise and stable OCXO compensates for any interferences or loss of signal from the satellite thus making the operation of the receiver reliable.


  • Compact size.
  • 12 Channel GPS Receiver and 8 Channel Continuous Tracking.
  • Equipped with high precision OCXO crystal for frequency maintaining micro second level accuracy.
  • Accuracy of 187 nanosecond with GPS Signal.
  • LCD Display : 2 x 16 characters
  • Highly customizable Output configurable as per requirement.
  • Configured to work as Stand Alone Timeserver.
  • Offset adjustment.
  • Universal Power Supply.
  • Output Integrated to 3 decimal of frequency in Hz.
  • Drive any number of Slave Clocks / Digital Clocks. (Customizable)
  • Provides time/ date stamping through RS232 serial port in SERTEL format (Customizable).
  • Low cost maintenance with durable performance.
  • Propagation delay is better than 1μs.
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