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SLAVE CLOCK 100MM - T-SL-300-100-6D



Time is an important factor in all organizations. A unique time displayed at all places in a working environment produces effective results.

Responding at the right instance of time to a critical operation saves machinery losses, finance and many other valuable assets.

SERTEL manufactures GPS based time display units that altogether are in synchronous with the UTC and always shows the right time at all places and at all instances.

Synchronized to the atomic clock in the satellites with very high accuracy, the level of reliability upon this time display units is enormous.

These units are regulated through the time data signal sent by a centralized Master Clock unit. The productivity of any organization is elevated by following a synchronized time as every department adheres to same time schedule.

All the time bound activities are highly benefited from the slave clock units. Timekeeping has become an essential feature to improve the quality of performance.

Imagine if all the clocks in a locality are functioning together in synchronous with the master clock system. This opens up the path for everyone to refer to an accurate time thus leading us to stay in union with time.


T-SL-300-100-6D is regulated by the master clock unit through the differential pulses. Slave units are connected in multi-drop mode making the rest of the units to function when one of them fails.

The pulses carry the time data comprising hour pulse, minute pulse and second pulse. Time is incremented for each second through 1PPS which is the fundamental time base for each instance of time being incremented.

As the master clock unit is equipped with high stability OCXO, each 1PPS has extremely close accuracy with that generated by the atomic clock in the GPS system.

Plenty of slave display units can be deployed with one common master clock unit. This is feasible through signal distribution units accompanied with boosters depending on the distance of deployment from the master unit.

Slave clocks are always in synchronous with the master clock thus shows the exact time as that running in the latter.

The time data is decoded from the differential pulse at each instance and shown as 7-segment numbers, two digits for hour, minute and second slots in 12 or 24-hour format.


  • Multi-drop mode for connecting all the display units.
  • Differential pulse input (customizable).
  • Inputs having high accuracy of nano second level.
  • Display in HH:MM:SS format.
  • LCD wall display with clear and good readability.
  • Weather-proof construction
  • Red colour digits capable of viewing from long distance.
  • Manual mode for time setup as per requirement.
  • SMPS power supply for smooth and reliable performance.
  • Wide viewing angle facilitated by Red transparent filter overlay.
Default Blue Green