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Captive Power Plant

 Operations at in-house power generation can be effectively carried by time synchronization.  Sertel delivers proven solutions with high level accuracy that leads to efficient performance of the plant.

  • GPS Time Synchronization Equipments:

 o    GPS Receiver – Displays location, frequency, status, time, date and generates time outputs with nano second accuracy.

 o    Master Clock – Equipped with high stability OCXO that generates time data with high accuracy level

 o    GPS Panel System – Comes with redundant GPS receivers and Master Clock units that can drive remote display units 25mm(1”), 50mm(2”), 75mm(3”), 100mm(4”) and other devices of industrial protocols  with time stamping signals.

 o    GPS HR Clock – This has the capacity to replace the panel system with one single unit with durable performance.

  •  Furnace CCTV – Withstands high temperature capturing high quality live images with automatic retracting system.
  • Converters – Highly customizable featuring all standard protocols for time synchronization.
  • Signal Isolators – High accuracy isolation of upto 0.01% accuracy.
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