It’s time we think about our mother earth and switch to the non-conventional sources of energy such as solar energy, the energy received from the Sun – Free of Cost! Solar power is renewable, non-polluting and leaves no Green house gas and emissions. The energy output of a 1 KW solar energy unit is roughly equivalent to the burning of 170 pounds of coal and 300 pounds of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere. Therefore, solar power is the future. Our solar power solutions help you generate your own power with easy to use solar equipments – a low maintenance, silent and pollution-free alternative to diesel generators. With the solar power equipments you can generate electricity for locations where grid is inaccessible or the access is prohibitively expensive. These solar power pack systems can also be used in conjunction with existing grid for uninterrupted supply of electricity. Our solutions are based on proven solar technology, which makes them highly efficient and completely maintenance-free. Sertel offers that feature high efficiency through quality material and workmanship. Harnessing of solar energy is a relatively new but very promising field in India. Production and deployment of solar energy has tremendous potential in the times to come and its capabilities are being continuously developed to make it more cost effective. It is one of the most secured energy generation procedures as there are zero emissions of harmful elements.



It allows you to have excellent system safety while enabling a high level of system performance monitoring. In order to provide a single DC output, it combines the many DC inputs coming from the panel termination. The inverter is connected to the output of the box. It employs replaceable fuses for each string input. It can be customized with 1 to 24 input strings as per the client requirements. There are options for 1000VDC or 1500VDC solutions, as well as wired RS485 connectivity, fibre optic (FO), and wireless RF platforms. The string monitoring unit (SMU) precisely records all electrical data of a PV generator in real-time regardless of the inverter in use and can monitor up to four status- signalling contacts. This ensures the  continuous monitoring of the direct current side of PV systems. Data can be recorded smoothly with the Modbus RTU protocol and the provided RS485 interface. Our smart DC boxes can provide bus voltage with remote monitoring and it can even generate alarms and send messages to a maintenance team.


The String Combiner Box combines the multiple DC input coming from the panel termination and converts these into one DC output. It provides additional protection with input fuses & surge protection devices. Operation and maintenance is made easier using DC isolator switches. These solutions are customizable.

Combiner Boxes take multiple source circuits and combine them into a single output. They are usually found between the modules and the inverter. SERTEL Combiner Boxes are known for their clean and well-thought-out design. Available options include disconnect switches or contactors, surge arrestors, various enclosure NEMA ratings, and other features. SERTEL Combiners can accommodate up to 24 input circuits at 600 VDC, 1000 VDC.