Sertel’s weather monitoring solutions provide collection of data of Wind speed, wind direction, altitude, pressure, humidity and Temperature through GPS and Radio sondes, which collect data gathered by meteorological professionals, to understand the climate changes across the world. For fleet operations, they share the data with civil aviation division. State and central government divisions also gather data from the Meteorological division to assess climate and environmental changes and to take decisions on communal safety, new industrial projects and infrastructure projects.

Sertels weather monitoring solutions adhere directly to IMD and WMO standards.


GPS/Pilot sonde



Improve your wind measurements with the SERTEL Pilotsonde. This radiosonde without temperature and humidity sensors is known as a Pilotsonde. No more worries about ascent prediction and monitoring, or even data quality. Our reliable system measures Wind Direction, Wind Speed, pressure and Altitude of the air automatically.

SERTEL Pilotsonde is easily deployable in the field, the ground receiver station is powered directly by the USB port on the computer, therefore the measurements can be continuous without interruptions caused by power outages. System displaying flight information in real-time and automatically generates and transmits messages and reports. In addition no adjustment is required for the proper operation of the instruments. This brand new and affordable product makes the measurement procedure easier while improving data quality.

  • Designed for remote use.

  • Requires no external power source.

  • No adjustments are required for the proper functioning of the instruments.


Main functionalities and advantages:

  • Reliable operation up to 30 km altitude.

  • Altitude, speed and position are measured every second.

  • Easy to install and use.

  • Map tracking.

  • The pilot sounding procedure has been simplified and made easier.

  • Data consistency and accuracy with 3D GPS.

  • The pilotsonde ground station displays GPS authorization of launch via an on/off switch.

  • Ground receiver is self powered (from USB port of laptop/Computer), designed to be operated on the field.

  • Edition of Pilot, BUFR, or configurable layer levels… with automatic sending by email, FTP, RS 232.

  • Weight : ≤ 90 g.

  • Dedicated software allowing real time display (vertical profile of wind, trajectory, hodographs) and HD resolution.

  • Printable tables and graphs.

Radio sonde



The SERTEL Radiosonde is a small instrument package that is suspended below a balloon filled with either hydrogen or helium. As the radiosonde is carried aloft it measures pressure, temperature, and relative humidity.

Since the weather we experience is due to dynamic processes that take place throughout the atmosphere, we need to know what is happening throughout the entire atmosphere. These observations are primarily carried out with the aid of radiosondes. These sensors are linked to a battery-powered radio transmitter that sends the information to a ground receiver. By tracking the position of the radiosonde in flight via GPS (Global Positioning System), measurements of wind speed and direction aloft are also obtained.

Technically, radiosonde observations provide only pressure, temperature, and relative humidity data. When the position of a radiosonde is tracked (to obtain wind speed and direction) it can be referred to a a rawinsonde observation. Most stations around the world take rawinsonde observations. However meteorologists and other data users frequently refer to a rawinsonde observation as a radiosonde observation.


Radio sonde observations are used in a broad spectrum of efforts including:

  • Input for computer-based weather prediction models.

  • Local severe storm, aviation, and marine forecasts.

  • Weather and climate change research.

  • Input for air pollution research.

  • Ground truth for satellite data.

Automatic weather station (AWS)

Automatic weather station (AWS), is a more efficient automated version of a regular weather station that allows observations to be taken from far-off locations. A traditional weather station that operates automatically is known as an automated weather station. It has the ability to automatically transmit or record measurements made by measuring devices. They could be standalone or a component of a weather network.

Sertel weather stations are based around a data logger that measures the sensors, then processes, stores, and transmits the data. Data recording intervals are independently programmable. Our data loggers have wide operating temperature ranges, programmable execution intervals, and ample input channels for commonly used sensors. Most sensors can be measured directly without external signal conditioning.

As a professional manufacturer of automatic weather stations, Sertel’s indoor and outdoor weather stations are flawless. The weather monitoring station is used in a variety of industries, including agriculture, hydrological monitoring, aquaculture monitoring, industrial applications, and residential applications. It has accurate measurements, low power requirements, and stable performance in extreme weather conditions.

Get in touch with Sertel if you need an automatic weather station sensor, we have remote wireless weather stations for the home, outdoor weather sensors, etc. Provides professional solutions for weather monitoring systems with custom services.