The SERTEL Radiosonde is a small instrument package that is suspended below a balloon filled with either hydrogen or helium. As the radiosonde is carried aloft it measures pressure, temperature, and relative humidity.

Since the weather we experience is due to dynamic processes that take place throughout the atmosphere, we need to know what is happening throughout the entire atmosphere. These observations are primarily carried out with the aid of radiosondes. These sensors are linked to a battery-powered radio transmitter that sends the information to a ground receiver. By tracking the position of the radiosonde in flight via GPS (Global Positioning System), measurements of wind speed and direction aloft are also obtained.

Technically, radiosonde observations provide only pressure, temperature, and relative humidity data. When the position of a radiosonde is tracked (to obtain wind speed and direction) it can be referred to a rawinsonde observation. Most stations around the world take rawinsonde observations. However meteorologists and other data users frequently refer to a rawinsonde observation as a radiosonde observation.



  • Compact In Size
  • Battery Operated System
  • Programmable Frequency
  • High Accurate Measurement
  • User Friendly Device
  • Automatic data recording and Storage.
  • GPS for wind parameters and Altitude calculation
  • Battery Shelf Life is 2 years
  • Manual and automated MET data delivery via email, FTP, RS232, and socket.
Temperature sensorType : Platinum ResistorDeployment
Measurement range-90 °C to -60 °CAscent mechanismBalloon -borne
Resolution0.1 °CMax shelf life(battery)2 yrs
Response Time0.1 sMax shelf life(Electronics)10 yrs
Accuracy±1°CMechanical Specification
Humidity sensorType: Thin – film capacitor Weight<180 grams
Measurement range0 to 100 %RHSize150X90X80(in mm)
Resolution1 %RHUnwinder
Accuracy±4°CMaterial of the string Non –UV treated
PressureTYPE: Sillicon capacitorTenacity<115 N
Measurement Range1100 to 1hpaLength of the string55 m
Resolution0.1 hpaUnwinding speed0.35 m/s
Accuracy±1 hpaWeight25 g
Wind dataTelemetry
Wind finding optionsC/A Code GPSTransmitter typeSynthesized
Wind Speed Accuracy0.2m/sFrequency band1668.4 MHz – 1690 MHz (on request)
Wind Direction Accuracy1 degreeTuning range1668.6 – 1689.8 MHz
(on request)
TransmitterMaximum transmitting rangeUp to 200 km
Runtime120Minutes(with GPS
Output power (high – power mode )200 mW , typical
Wind FindingGPSModulationGFSK
Transmission rateOn full data packet per
Power Supply
Frequency Range400 to 406MHzBattery1 pcs Lithium
Thionyl chloride (Li-Socl2)
Output Power100mWBattery voltage3.7V