Sertel Radiosonde (T-RS-300) is a battery powered telemetry device. It includes several functional checks temperature check, humidity sensor recondition, humidity check and setting radiosonde parameters.



  • Compact In Size
  • Battery Operated System
  • Programmable Frequency
  • High Accurate Measurement
  • User Friendly Device
  • Automatic data recording and Storage.
  • GPS for wind parameters and Altitude calculation
  • Battery Shelf Life is 2 years
  • Manual and automatic sending of Messages by email, FTP, RS232 and socket.
Temperature sensorType : Platinum ResistorDeployment
Measurement range-90 °C to -60 °CAscent mechanismBalloon -borne
Resolution0.1 °CMax shelf life(battery)2 yrs
Response Time0.1 sMax shelf life(Electronics)10 yrs
Accuracy±1°CMechanical Specification
Humidity sensorType: Thin – film capacitor Weight<180 grams
Measurement range0 to 100 %RHSize150X90X80(in mm)
Resolution1 %RHUnwinder
Accuracy±4°CMaterial of the string Non –UV treated
PressureTYPE: Sillicon capacitorTenacity<115 N
Measurement Range1100 to 1hpaLength of the string55 m
Resolution0.1 hpaUnwinding speed0.35 m/s
Accuracy±1 hpaWeight25 g
Wind dataTelemetry
Wind finding optionsC/A Code GPSTransmitter typeSynthesized
Wind Speed Accuracy0.2m/sFrequency band1668.4 MHz - 1690 MHz (on request)
Wind Direction Accuracy1 degreeTuning range1668.6 - 1689.8 MHz
(on request)
TransmitterMaximum transmitting rangeUp to 200 km
Runtime120Minutes(with GPS
Output power (high – power mode )200 mW , typical
Wind FindingGPSModulationGFSK
Transmission rateOn full data packet per
Power Supply
Frequency Range400 to 406MHzBattery1 pcs Lithium
Thionyl chloride (Li-Socl2)
Output Power100mWBattery voltage3.7V