Time synchronizing signals need to be communicated to devices that are diversified in their characteristics and operation.

Signal Converters are viable solution through which network of various devices can be connected to a centralized time synchronizing system. SERTEL manufactures wide range of converters that are accredited and delivers top performance.

Converters eliminate the challenge of time synchronizing diversified systems that are interoperable with each other. Transportation of data through set of rules forms the basis for communication at all industrial sectors.


Key Features:

  • Dedicated NTP ports supporting entire area of LAN.
  • Unique IP address can be assigned to Each NTP/SNTP Ports
  • Supports NTP/v4/v3/v2, SNTP, NTP Unicast/Broadcast/Multicast*
  • Supports HTTP/SSL/HTTPS, SHS, SCP, IPv4, IPv6 network security protocols
  • Supports network devices such as Routers, switches, Checkpoint firewalls.
  • All types of Operating Systems are supported.
  • Packed in 1U of compact size (customizable).
  • Universal Power supply: 90 to 260V AC/DC
  • Necessary Sertel Config Management software will be provided.
  • Friendly user interface with plug- and play feature.
  • With the help of converter its possible to have uniform time across plant premises by generating various time formats, with help of single Master source.
  • Any number of NTP/SNTP dedicated ports can be generated
  • Low cost maintenance with durable performance
I2N Converter
InterfaceAM / TTL (Normal High)
Input connectorBNC/PHOENIX
Output RateEvery second
Power Supply90-260 V AC/DC
DisplayLED Indications
LED IndicationPower ON
Signal Input
Signal Output
No of PortsDual NTP/SNTP Ports
[Each Port Will have Unique IP
Number of Ports are customizable based on requirements
Design1U rack-mount bracket designed for 19 Inch Cabinets
Fabricated Heatsinks
IP40 (Ingress Protection Rating)
Configuration Software
PlatformHTTPS/SSL Browser-based configuration
Storage Temperature40 to +85 C
Operating Temperature-10 to+55 C
Humidity0 – 95% RH, non-condensing
Power Drain45W max
Power Supplies*1x or 2x Power Supplies
High Voltage - AC/DC
90-370 VDC
80-260 VAC
Low Voltage - DC
40-110 VDC

*Feature Available only on Specific requests and suitable price points

Ingress ProtectionIP40
Dimensions1U(H) x 485(W) x 185(D) mm (Or)
2U(H) x 485(W) x 185(D) mm (Or)
3U(H) x 485(W) x 185(D) mm

*Size Depends on number of outputs

MountingPanel/Table Top/Wall/Din Rail
Weight2.0 KG
Oscillator Options

*Feature Available only on Specific requests and suitable price points

External IRIG-BTTL/AM, BNC [F] /
InputDC IRIG-B Input (BNC)
Ethernet ConnectionsRJ45 1GbE/Fast Ethernet
SFP 1GbE`/Fast Ethernet

*Feature Available only on Specific Requests and suitable price points

Output SignalNTP/SNTP

*FO – NTP/SNTP ST Fiber (62.5/125 µm)
multi-mode / Single Mode

ConnectorRJ45 [COPPER]
FO - ST Fiber*
NTP Timestamp< 50 μs (Depends on Network Architecture for more accuracy)
NTP/SNTPStratum 1 NTP & SNTP Time server
Multicast & Broadcast capability
SNMPV1, V2C & V3 support can be
independently enabled
Configurable V1, V2C community
names & security groups
Fully configurable via SNMP;
Protocols supportedARP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, SNMP, HTTPS, IPV4
PRPIEC 62439-3 (2016)
Separate MAC Address, IP Address can be assigned to each port
SecurityUser-Defined Access Control Lists (ACL)
NotificationsSNMP trap generation V1, V2C & V3
SNMPv3 traps can be authenticated
Syslog (RFC-3164 & 5424 verities)
Dry Heat TestIEC 60068-2-2
Cold TestIEC 60068-2-1
Damp Heat (Steady State) TestIEC 60068-2-3
Sinusoidal Vibration TestIEC 60068-2-6
Dielectric Strength TestIEC 60255-5-0
Pulse Magnetic Field TestIEC 61000-4-9,2016
Radiated RF Power DisturbanceCISPR 14-1,2009
Voltage Fluctuation and Flicker Emission TestIEC 61000-3-3,2013
Harmonics, Inter Harmonics and Low
Frequency Immunity Test
IEC 61000-4-13,2002
Electrostatic Discharge Immunity TestIEC 61000-4-2,2008
Radiated Susceptibility TestIEC 61000-4-3,2010
Electrical Fast Transient ImmunityIEC 61000-4-4,2012
High Energy Surge Immunity TestIEC 61000-4-5,2014
Conducted RF Immunity Test IEC 61000-4-6,2013
Power Frequency Magnetic Field TestIEC 61000-4-8,2009
Damped Oscillatory Sinusoidal Immunity
IEC 61000-4-18,2011
Voltage Dips and Interruption Immunity TestIEC 61000-4-11

*Feature Available only on Specific requests and suitable price points
*Output ports & Input Ports are customizable based on the requirements
*Product development is continuous process, subject to change without prior notice